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Fib Whisky, Deanston 8 Year Old Single Cask being held outside Spirit of Alba in Kirkintilloch at night.
Photograph of the Pictish Beastie from Fib Whisky
Fib Whisky - Festive Release

Whisky Passion. Great Spirit.

No fibs!


Fife Independent Bottlers

As independent bottlers, we buy whisky from many different distilleries, then carry out finishing and occasionally blending experiments to create something new and exciting.


The brainchild of two passionate whisky fans, with a dream of owning their own distillery, Fib Whisky is a celebration of our favourite drams, showcasing the finest single casks, our very own finishes and blended scotch whiskies.

We believe in emphasising provenance and working with full transparency, letting a dram speak for itself with:

No chill filtration

No additional dilution

No additional colouring

Our speciality is single casks spirits, but we also experiment and innovate with tradition and push the boundaries of flavour.

Fib Whisky Collection in the Forest
Permutations Full Collection from Fib Whisky

Fife whisky is categorised in the Lowland region and has a long history of whisky heritage, however a lot of whisky production in the area stopped between 1925 and 1927, with the closure of  Auchtertool in Kirkaldy, Auchtermuchty and the Grange.

Fib Whisky locations in Fife

The Heart of Fife

Founded in St Andrews, based in Kirkcaldy and bonded in Auchtermuchty, we pride ourselves on supporting small Fife businesses and honouring our local heritage and legends.

This is why we have adopted ‘The Beastie’ as our brand logo.


For us, the mystique of the beastie represents the mystery and exploration of whisky, opening each new dram.


It is an ancient, traditional symbol, but reflecting the sense of modernity and fun at the heart of Fib Whisky.

st andrews

Pure, beautiful spirits. 

No fibs!

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