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Where did Fib Whisky Come From?

Fib Whisky was founded by the late Aeden Burt and Iain Mundy,

long-time friends and whisky enthusiasts.

Aeden, one of the original founders, became infatuated by whisky at University in St Andrews and become heavily involved in the University whisky club, ‘St Andrews Quaich Society’.

You can read more about his story here

For Iain, the love of whisky came later when Aeden took him on

 an Islay holiday to all the island's distilleries back in 2013.

In short, he hasn't looked back since!

When long-time friend Aedan invited Iain to embark on the Fib Whisky journey,

his decision to accept was a no-brainer.

Find out more about Iain’s journey here.

You can read all about our new releases, our take on whisky's burning questions and whisky 'fibs' in our blog here.


Legendary Whisky:
Inspired by the Myths and Legends of Scotland

King Cruithne, the first King of the Picts and his seven sons.

Our inspiration comes from the legends of the Picts.

Cruithne, a mythological king of the early eastern Scottish kingdom of Pictland had seven sons, and the question of succession obviously came up.

Instead of choosing just one to ascend his throne, he split Pictland into seven Kingdoms.


One of his son’s, Fib, was given a big stretch of land between the Forth and the Tay, shaped like a Scottie dog, and so the ancient Kingdom of Fife was born.

Everyone needs a good origin story, and we wanted to give Fib Whisky a very Fife-orientated but also Pictish identity.

Not much is recorded about the Picts, however this mystery around these ancient people reflects for us the mystique inherent in whisky.

There are some things you can control; tweak the still, choose your wood, treat it well, but the final taste of a beautiful cask won’t be known until you unstop the bung

and grab the valinch.

Fife Whisky History with Fib Whisky
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