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A Pict riding the Pictish Beastie, often known as a kelpie.

Single Cask Fib Whisky

Pictish Ogham banner.
Pictish Kings enjoying a dram.

Our single casks are just what they say on the tin - The whisky has literally come from one cask!

How is this different to buying the whisky directly from the distillery?

 Distilleries usually marry together many casks then add some water to the batch, generally following a recipe to create a consistent product that can be reproduced. As an independent bottler of single casks, there are a limited amount of bottles per release, and when the cask runs out that's the whisky gone forever! 


All of our whiskies are bottled cask strength, uncoloured and unfiltered. Nothing added or taken away - No Fibs!

"Copper & Oak" celebrates the copper of the still and the wood the distiller chose to put it in, giving you fantastic whisky exactly as it got to us.

Our "Permutations" series represents the second half of the same single casks, but with some beautiful finishes.


You can even experience the same single casks of whisky both before AND after finishing in a rare Scotch Whisky feat. These "Before & After" whiskies can be purchased individually, or in a two bottle set.

Happy browsing!

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