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Fife Whisky Festival 2022

Had an excellent time at the Fife Whisky Festival yesterday, promoting all things Fife whisky as well as Fib. I even dressed up! I was also lucky to get my hands on this beautiful Daftmill bottling for the festival, as well as the exceptional Lindores bourbon cask release. This was also from an exception bourbon barrel, harvested in the last week of August 2006 from optic barley, and bottled this year for the festival.

The palate is predominantly fruity, where pear and other orchard fruits, including a little green apple, and particularly a little, just a little, peach, abound. There is a sweet but subtle spice towards the back palate, mainly anise, that also compliments the fore notes beautifully. There is a juiciness here throughout, a refreshingly rich freshness, as well as pear drops sweets. While I’ve tried other great releases from Daftmill, I’m pleased to say this is the first bottling I’ve actually acquired - it is truly great, with a lot of the distillery, and indeed Fife, character, that everyone is coming to love. Slàinte!* 🥃

*Apologies for slightly scanty notes than usual - @fibwhisky_aedan is compiling these after a whisky festival, so not exactly on a clean palate or the most sober. 😂


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