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Whisky Wednesday #1: Lindores Abbey, Luvians 25th Anniversary Bottling

As well as our own casks, here at Fib Whisky we are huge fans of all whisky, particularly where we can support our friends in Fife. This wee dram we are enjoying for #whiskywednesday was released recently to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Luvians Bottle Shop in St Andrews. This also represents the first collaboration of our other great friends at Lindores Abbey Distillery with an outside company. This unique cask previously belonged to co-founder Helen McKenzie Smith and marks an extraordinary twist on the Lowland spirit as it has formally held Islay whisky before being purchased by Lindores and used to house their exquisite new-make. Notes by our founder, Aedan Burt.

Early distilled Lindores spirit is usually characterised for me by pear drops and a light piney note held together by a firm malty base - think plain digestive or even rich tea biscuits. The slightly viscous and oily spirit has an incredible mouth feel, standing up well to play beautifully with the unusual cask. Pear still leads the front palate, surrounded by a rich smoky, almost meaty tar. There is a bit of that pine, a wonderful fresh note, on the centre palate, and something slightly medicinal towards the finish. There is also a hint of warming spice, perhaps fresh, light cinnamon, characterising the

finish along with a slightly grassy, herbal note on the lengthening finish. The normal malty base is there, but so downplayed to be a subtle refrain throughout, connecting the whole. All in all, this dram is a beautiful rift on the Lindores melody, showing just how diverse and brilliantly their spirit takes different wood. A fantastic dram from a wonderful team from which we can’t wait to see more. Slàinte!


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