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Whisky Wednesday #10: Ardbeg Uigeadail

For this #WhiskyWednesday, we’re feeling reminiscent, and drinking one of the more readily available drams. Ardbeg Uigeadail was one of the drams that really impressed us the very first time we went to Islay, way back in 2013. Named for the loch which provides the source water for the distillery, Uigeadail is the first of Ardbeg’s regular cask strength expressions within the core range, coming in at 54.2% ABV, and with a good whack of sherry cask influence to balance the goodness of the peat.

I always think of this as a barbecue dram, and it also makes a great barbecue sauce. The palate starts with a nice charred centre, slightly ashy more than the asphalt tones I usually get from Ardbeg peat. There is a range of meaty caramelisation, very much marinated steaks on the beach. Ash notes move to big wafts of smoke, as from a beach bonfire, and something actually slightly mentholic at the centre. The caramelised meat char returns later, definitely also chargrilled steaks. It’s taken a while to come through, but now Ardbeg’s classic peppery note is also there, front and centre with those meaty tones. The finish is quite long, largely smoky and meaty, but not as drying as one might expect. This is a big, bold dram, but in no way overwhelming, great for beach barbecues or just sipping with friends as hotter days come in. Slàinte!


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