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[Not] Whisky Wednesday #15: Signatory Vintage Cambus 1991

Sorry for the social media blackout! Our social media team (Iain & Aedan 😂) have been very busy over the last couple of weeks getting our first whiskies ready for you! 🥃

We're pleased to be back with you for a delayed [not] #WhiskyWednesday once again. 🤘 Today in our glass, it’s a nice, spring-like 1991 refill sherry butt from the Cambus Distillery, a sweet grain whisky from the Diageo portfolio until it closed in 1993. The site has since been converted into Diageo’s main cooperage near Alloa, in the lowland Central Belt. We picked this bottling up from fellow independent bottlers Signatory a few years back, who are based just outside of Pitlochry at the Edradour Distillery. The Vintage series are some of our favourites in single casks, not only because they look very pretty, but also because we think it’s always fun to emphasise the year and dates of distillation, rather than simply the age on a dram.

The palate here begins with a surprisingly drying sherry centre, brown sugars and slightly dried mainly red fruits. Lighter fruit sugars, red and green apple alongside grape, come in slightly later, around the side of the tongue, with a definite crème brûlée tone with a little much granulated white sugar sprinkled on the top. This is a slightly chewy dram, combining sherry char with grain sweetness very pleasantly. There are even notes of treacle coming in above the sweet grain centre as it evolves in the glass. The finish is long and slightly spiced, also tingling on the tongue, in what is a very interesting and convoluted dram. Each sip brings different notes, from the slight acidity of stewed fruits and sherry, to lighter fruit notes and fine sugars. Yet the contrasting flavours are well integrated into a lightly rich whole. It is sweet and warm, delicate and evolving like the spring weather. Overall, there is something of a crème caramel to this dram, somehow laced with fruits, which is very pleasant. You could find much worse desserts! 🍮 Slàinte! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿


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