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Whisky Wednesday #18: Nc'nean Organic Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Today, we’re celebrating #WhiskyWednesday with something a wee bit special. ♻️🌲🌍

Since 2017, Annabel and the great team at Nc’nean over on the Morvern Peninsula, just north of Mull, have been focused on making one of the world’s most sustainable and sought-after whiskies. The company focus on the local environment in all their products, producing some pretty nice spirit as a result. The bottles are 100% recycled glass, and the distillery runs 100% on renewable energy. Damned impressive, if we do say so ourselves. We’ve been excited to try this for a long time. The attention to detail and sheer prettiness of the packaging certainly helps too! 😍

Aedan's tasting notes... ✍️🗒️ At first touch, the spirit is light, a slightly creamy citrus on the palate, and a heavy spice dominating the start of the medium finish. Some peach and apricot stones come in later, towards the end, with lighter peach and something vaguely floral (I want to say violets, soft real violets, not parma violets like older Bowmore) integrating well with the citrus earlier on. I have the impression it has the character of a peach melba. A damned good one. There is a slightly woody, cinnamon stick quality spice which also starts to surround the palate. A delicious, tasty light dram - I think it would be dangerously easy to drink a lot of this. Enjoy. Responsibly. Slàinte! 🍑🥃


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