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Whisky Wednesday #7: James Eadie Cameronbridge 22, Single Grain, Fife Whisky Festival Bottling 2020

For this #WhiskyWednesday... we told you we love grain!

This is our second write-up from a Fife distillery as well, from brilliant fellow bottler James Eadie. Bottled for the last Fife Whisky Festival before Covid back in 2020, also in association with our friends at Luvians.

This is a 22 year old Cameronbridge, finished unusually for modern whiskies in a marsala cask.

Grain is usually so sweet, sumptuous, and hopefully well-balanced, it is almost a dessert in itself. It’s great to see someone also playing with a fortified wine finish - and with a genuine dessert whisky, who needs sauternes!

To us, aged grain is a true delight.

While it can sometimes appear subtle and a little closed off, we personally like to leave it in the glass uncovered a little while, maybe up to half an hour, before drinking (if you can wait that long!)

That extra little bit of oxidation really opens the dram up.

The Palate

🗒️ The palate starts light, with a little bit of char typical for well-aged Cameronbridge alongside mouth coating vanilla custard, together reminiscent of a really good crème brûlée.

There is a slightly vinous richness to the palate bringing rich, slightly dried grapes, raisins and sultanas, but none of them with that overwhelming dried fruits taste - more like that slightly fermented, aged grape note for example you might find decorating some Basajo cheese and also known in brandy.

As a palate develops, there are streaks of tasty brown caramel drizzled over the dessert, with a slight woodiness to hold the long, drying finish together.

There is not much spice on this, just a very little, well-integrated just to elevate the fruit and crème brûlée tones.

It is viscous and delicious, much more caramelised than many grains, and a truly tasty pudding or accompaniment thereunto.

The marsala influence is a lot stronger than remembered from a previous tasting, but that’s a beautiful thing, because the fruits shine through so much more to contribute to the whole.

A truly stunning dram we hope to emulate.

Slàinte! 🍮🍇🧀🥃


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