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Whisky Wednesday #9: Dràm Mòr Tobermory 1996

This #WhiskyWednesday, Aedan's got something we’ve been really looking forward to. Our independent bottler friends, the Dràm Mòr Group, have just come out with something really special, and we’ve been lucky enough to get our hands on a bottle. This Tobermory 25 from the distillery on Mull has just hit the shops in the last couple of days and we know they are really excited about it - nearly as much as we are to try it. They even gave it a particularly pretty bottle! As if their spirit wasn’t pretty enough already.

The colour is quite dark, an orange amber, more than you might expect from the presumably bourbon “finest oak barrels”. The initial palate is surprisingly light, actually feeling slightly fizzy, with definite candied ginger. It’s very sweet, with a slight malty base, and perhaps some sweet orange. For me, that candied ginger note predominates, moving more in the centre palate towards sort of a digestive biscuit, possibly with a thin layer of milk chocolate. A little bit of green apple seems to come in on the centre palate towards the finish, slightly overshadowed by the malt character. Some sweet, clear orange liqueur notes also come in to liven up the central palate as the dram goes on. The finish is sweet and lightly spiced, but relatively short for a whisky of this age. This is a beautiful dram, light and playful with a good number of interesting characteristics. Yet, Dràm Mòr have given us so many incredible younger drams over the last few series, that it isn’t my personal favourite to date. Slàinte! 🍊🌾🍪🍏🥃


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