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Whisky Wednesday #11: Glenglassaugh 2011 Single Sauternes Cask Nauticus 1st Anniversary

For this week’s #WhiskyWednesday, it’s a single cask sauternes from Glenglassaugh, one of the Brown-Forman distilleries now under the watchful eye of the ever brilliant Rachel Barrie. Glenglassaugh is one of the few distilleries that we really, really like but haven’t yet had the pleasure to visit. We first discovered the distillery at a festival in Edinburgh, and have been particularly impressed with their cask finish and single cask releases ever since. The distillery is up in Banff, originally built in 1875 then rebuilt in 1960 before being mothballed between 1986 and 2008; the distillery was taken over in 2013 by the then Benriach Distillery Company to become what it is today. This single sauternes cask, bottle number 251/275, cask number 288, was distilled back in February 2011 and bottled at 8 years old at 56.1% ABV. It should also be pointed out, sauternes cask Glenglassaugh makes simply the best sabayon - as the outgoing @quaichsta Committee discovered at Aedan’s two nights back.

I love a sweet Highland sauternes cask. At this age, there is still a slight malty base with a bit of heather. But at base, at the core, this is all about the sweet juicy ripe apricots, the fleshy fruit just perfect for eating. There’s a little bit of floral honey, and sweet white sugars to edge the palate. Subsequent sips bring a slightly more jammy or cooked note to the apricot, with perhaps a little bit of almond, but it is still light and sweet. The finish is long, surprisingly so for something of this age, and sweet with a really fun juicy quality that lasts a good few minutes, also with a slight and beautifully subtle nutmeg spice. Delicious. Slàinte! 🥃


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