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Whisky Wednesday #16: Arran Drumadoon Point - The Explorers Series Vol.4

This #WhiskyWednesday we have a first for you… Tasting notes from @iain_mundy! 😱 They may not be as extraordinary, accurate, or intriguing as @fibwhiskyaedan’s normal write ups 🙄 but here’s what he makes of this beautiful @arranwhisky explorer series dram. 🥃 This bottling is absolutely perfect for me, as it features many of my absolute favourite things. The Isle of Arran, sherried cask strength whisky, and golf! The beautiful artwork actually depicts my favourite hole in golf, which is the dramatic 137 yard par 3 fourth hole at @shiskinegolfclub - ‘The Shelf’. If you’re planning on making the ferry trip over to Arran to visit the Lochranza or @laggwhisky Distillery, don’t forget your golf clubs as you simply have to play Shiskine! 🏌️⛳ Anyway, moving on to my tasting notes for this very tasty dram… 🤤 On the nose I’m getting candied almond and honey notes, with a wee whiff of peaches creeping in there. On first sip loads of intense dark muscovado sugar, which mellows out after a few mouthfuls with some of those honey notes coming through that were on the nose, finishing off with a long drying clovey finish. I do get some orangey notes sneaking in at the end with the cloves too, and perhaps a wee hint of rose. All in all this delightful dram reminds me of a big old pecan pie! And I do like pecan pie… 🥧 Slàinte! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿


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